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Pete Holmes Laugh Supercut

Realizing that Pete Holmes is performing in downtown buffalo  (within the next three days) just now has been the best news I could have received seeing as how I’m only here for one more week! Now its all about convincing the boyfriend….and if not then well some journey’s are meant to be traveled alone :P Literally can’t wait to see this man live, his energy, free spirit and comedy is something I’ve loved for over 2 years. Fingers crossed we get to take a goofy picture….one yelling BOOM of course!!

(Also can’t wait to hear that laugh in person)!! Example: Up top^

Oh yeah and I can die happy now!! Nothing like your two favorite people in the world being photographed together. Comic-con 2014 you have outdone yourself for me this year.

Movie of The Day: "Love Child"

A documentary that’s not only thought provoking but one that will tug at your heart strings. Telling the true story of a Korean couple whom let their child die of starvation while they played an online video game for 10+ hours. The film goes into more depth with the state of internet addiction throughout not only Korea, but worldwide. Several interviews are shown throughout featuring top researchers, scientitsts, detectives, journalists and fellow gamers. If you’re interested in the virtual world and how it coincides with real life, you should seek out this documentary. Enjoy Followers! 

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"I will never be a morning person, for the moon and I, are too much in love."

Testy McTesterson (via observando)

Actor Chris Pratt beamed down to our sector of the universe Monday night to surprise an auditorium full of deserving kids in a special New York Daily News and Disney Studios sponsored charity screening of the superheroes-in-space flick.

And the 35-year-old actor who plays the hero Star-Lord in the Marvel movie stayed in the theater until every last one of them who wanted to take a picture with him got their selfie.

“That was really fun, this is what is all about,” said a visibly touched Pratt after the show. “I get impatient sometimes being on a promotional tour all the time, but something like this I would sit here as long as it took to take a picture with every one of those guys.”

“Tonight was really special to me.”

Pratt stayed long past the time his security detail was supposed to whisk him away to answer questions and give some words of wisdom.

It’s easier to stay silent than it is to speak truth.


John Barrowman on meeting Benedict Cumberbatch. (x)

He is basically us.

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Favourite Movies: 13 Going on 30 (2004)

"I’ll have a Piña Colada, not virgin. Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!"